Township Leasing

What are the benefits of the Gunyaŋara township lease?

There is a range of significant benefits to parties seeking to utilise land in the Gunyaŋara township lease area:

Gumatj land is open for business and Gumatj people are interested in attracting and working with potential developers, service providers and investors.

Long-term subleases and licences are available, which provide security of tenure and favourable investment conditions.


The township lease provides a streamlined application process where interested parties can negotiate directly with traditional owners about utilising their land.


Rental income from subleases will be directed to community and economic development which will improve the prosperity and wellbeing of Aboriginal residents of the Gunyaŋara community.

An application pack and further information to support potential land users is on this website. This includes land, building and services availability, maps, the master plan and opportunities for partnership with other Gumatj businesses in any developments. Click here to visit our resources page.

Structure of Township Lease

The Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust holds Aboriginal land on behalf of traditional Aboriginal owners, including the land on which the Gunyaŋara community is situated

The Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust, directed by the Northern Land Council, grants a 99 year township lease under section 19A of the Land Rights Act to Ŋarrariyal Aboriginal Corporation, an approved entity under section 3AAA of the Land Rights Act

  • Following commencement of the township lease, Ŋarrariyal decides who can get a new sublease or licence in the township lease area, and how land is used based on the rules set out in the lease, its constitution and the master plan
  • Any existing section 19 leases or licences become subleases or sublicences on the same terms and conditions
  • Ŋarrariyal assumes responsibility for all property management functions previously undertaken by the Land Council such as lease compliance and rent collection

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